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I just reserved my spot for Gemucon. Hells to the yeah.

bioha7ard - I think we have a winner. Francis is adorable. It suits them!

Also, for those who were curious, here is my art book shelf. Worryingly, this is less than half of the artbooks I own! The Gurney books are amazing. Get them.

My little A-9 maquette arrived! S/he is adorable, but they need a name. Any suggestions?

So I’m watching the Co-optional Podcast and the Ridgearound at the same time.

Do I win nerd points?

The finished Harley! I’m going to be honest: I kinda wanna see someone cosplay this Harley. She’s too darn cute. 

Colouring up Harley and outlining Harvey tomorrow, methinks!

These villains are too much fun to paint! I’m tempted to go back and repaint Joker but happy with these three so far.

Nilesy is all kinds of adorable. Preliminary sketch for his birthday pressie. And yes, Lyndon is in the bucket. Just because. #yogscast #art

Do I want to record the process of Nilesy’s birthday portrait?

Let me know, guys!