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So I’ve just bought my Saturday ticket for MCM London.

MCM hype, yo!

I’m now debating between Hannah, Duncan, Bebop or Strife as the next painting.

Oh decisions, decisions!

That’s excluding Rythian too.

Here’s the completed Honeydew! He’s rendered a bit more roughly than the other Yog paintings I’ve done, but it seems to suit him.

It always bothered me that in Simon’s skin, the pauldrons always looked like they were just floating there. It didn’t make sense. Although figuring out said pauldrons on this painting was challenging, (they still don’t look 100% right) they instantly give Simon badassery.

Do not mess with this dwarf, no matter how many jaffas you have.

Due to internet issues, I’ve had to cancel the livestream again.

This Frog is very ragey right now.

So sorry guys. T.T

I love this Viking-style Simon to bits, although I’m holding myself back from adding Celtic tattoos on him!

I’m going to add colour to him a bit later today too, and if all goes well, I’ll live stream it over on the YouTube. More than likely, I’ll be going live between 7.30pm - 9.00pm GMT.

And yes, I will get chat working this time!


(apologies if this post appears more than once on your timeline - I’m having issues with Instagram sharing today!)

As I promised over on Twitter, here’s that process .gif for my portrait of Ridge.

The portrait got tweaked a few times throughout the process. Looking back on it, I wish I’d stayed with the original concept, but I really wanted to draw a flintlock!

Also, apologies for the shakiness! T.T

I think I may be a day late, but here’s my completed birthday portrait/present for the Yogscast’s resident demigod, Ridgedog!

Never stop being ‘badass’, dude. :)




Ok, I’m bringing this up because I have now seen two posts with the address of Yogstowers in the main tag in 24 hours and people were apparently asking KirinDave for the address during his livestream toady.

The Yogs has stated over and over again that coming to the towers…

So important! You will NOT be allowed to enter or see anybody if you try. This is why they go to conventions etc. That’s your chance to meet them.
Don’t stalk them. They are ordinary people entitled to work without strangers throwing themselves into the mix.

Ahh, Ridgedog.

You are far too much fun to draw, sir.

..so, I may have stayed up late to finish a KirinDave! Dude, I hope you like it!  *hides in a corner*

He definitely feels more Asian here… and I love it. He may be more ‘dragon’ than ‘kirin’ but some Chinese native art do have dragons and kirin in a similar visual vein, especially with those long whiskers! Either way, it gives a really supernatural air, ideal for the Storm Sage of the Northern Circle.

I had this idea he would use a Tesla coil like staff to ground himself while channeling thunder. That way, he could control those irritating thunder strikes when walking out in a storm.

Work in progress! Hannah and Duncan are planned too!

Some Yog doodles… including a rare KirinDave!

Pretty happy with this Simon. I may be going full Norse/Celtic with him. It’s too much fun. KirinDave has always been more of a druid or shaman than a mage to me. He’s always seemed in tune with nature and his knowledge of the land is second to none. Calm and cheerful, he’s the wise man of the server, always offering advice who those who seek it, but dispensing swift judgement on those who deserve it. I see him more as a gentle wanderer than full-on aggressive storm sage. Again, my approach to him will be Celtic but with some Ming Chinese elements to him. He is a kirin after all..

Phew! Finally happy with him…

Actually got this completed in only two days. Well, 1 day and an evening really. This was a challenge for myself to speed up a little bit.  So, I completely cut out the lineart layer.

My sketches are typically so clean that I typically don’t need to add lineart. And when I line art my own work, it loses its character a little bit.

Still, I love this Xephos. He looks like a complete badass.

Next Yogscast member on the list: Simon.