My name is Stacey Jenkins and I'm a designer, illustrator and professional nerd.

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Some Yog doodles… including a rare KirinDave!

Pretty happy with this Simon. I may be going full Norse/Celtic with him. It’s too much fun. KirinDave has always been more of a druid or shaman than a mage to me. He’s always seemed in tune with nature and his knowledge of the land is second to none. Calm and cheerful, he’s the wise man of the server, always offering advice who those who seek it, but dispensing swift judgement on those who deserve it. I see him more as a gentle wanderer than full-on aggressive storm sage. Again, my approach to him will be Celtic but with some Ming Chinese elements to him. He is a kirin after all..

Phew! Finally happy with him…

Actually got this completed in only two days. Well, 1 day and an evening really. This was a challenge for myself to speed up a little bit.  So, I completely cut out the lineart layer.

My sketches are typically so clean that I typically don’t need to add lineart. And when I line art my own work, it loses its character a little bit.

Still, I love this Xephos. He looks like a complete badass.

Next Yogscast member on the list: Simon.

My favourite secondary character from ‘Time Heist’. There are so many questions I have about Psi’s backstory. Moffat, I need answers! Or a spin-off prequel show…

No? Just me?

I might need convincing on the belt across the chest. Getting there though!

I ran out of red pencil lead on the bus drawing this Branwen. :(

She’s seriously beautiful here though. She more than makes up for it. <3

I’m a bit rusty after not drawing digitally for a while. I need to tweak all my settings again. :(

So far, I’m liking this 15th Century space pirate look with him, but I’ve yet to figure out how he’d carry a futuristic flintlock pistol. Most of the reference I’m finding has them on a belt across the chest…

…And shooting a flintlock from the hip is really dangerous, apparently. </nerd>

Frog's Art Resources   

My fellow arty people!

I’ve been curating a selection of video tutorials and drawing resources to both help myself improve, and potentially you guys too.

Here’s a link to the new page over on my domain, which I hope to keep updated as I find new things! Please let me know if it helps!

An off-model sketch of Ridge from last night. His face is a little skinnier than what I would like, and his eyes are far too big. Ah well…

I like drawing Ridge with gravity -defying hair. It’s like it gave up gravity since Ridge likes to be upside down so much. :)